Attitude of Gratitude

Even in the midst of adversity, shock and confusion, an attitude of gratitude and gratefulness can bring you peace  Be present, live in the moment and look for the simplest blessings in life that brings you joy and light.


Are You Dreaming?

We all have hopes and dreams.  But how many of us are actually taking the steps to live out those dreams?   What’s holding you back? Is the fear of failure crippling you? Are you crippled by your own fear of success? Is the hard work that it will take giving you pause? Are the…


Wellness Wednesday: Avoid Creamers and Artificial Sweeteners

Quick Tip:  Avoid unhealthy creamers, sugar and artificial sweeteners in your morning cup of coffee or green tea. Coffee and green tea contain caffeine.  Caffeine can help suppress appetite and boost metabolism.  But the effects of caffeine is negated when unhealthy creamers and sweeteners are added. Creamers, sugar and artificial sweeteners are void of nutritional…