is a blog that aims to provide black women with a wealth of information relating to health, fitness and healthy eating.

We will expound on health issues, disease and illness that affect black women in unique ways. We are mindful that our overall health is influenced by many factors such as politics, economics, the environment and religion and thus whenever possible we will provide thoughtful commentary on how those things impact our health.

Our goal is to inspire you with thoughtful articles that will encourage you to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. was founded by Marjorie Binette, MD, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who launched the site because she wanted to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery to black women who in some instances disproportionally experience higher rates of illness, death and have less access to healthcare.

Grow with us as we use this platform to educate, enrich and inspire black women to be the healthiest they can be physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.


Dr. Marjorie Binette